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Maintaining Your AR

Maintaining your weapon properly is very  important when it comes to operation of your weapon. Military, law enforcement and paramilitary professionals know this very well, since a miss managed weapon can spell the difference between success and failure in a life and death situation. A clean and well maintained weapon is a very reliable weapon. […]

Alcohol For Survival…?

We need to consider the many uses of the items we will have on hand in a survival situation.  So many things have a multitude of uses. It’s a good idea to get acquainted with them, so we can prep our stockpile accordingly. Liquor, potent alcohols, sweet wines, spicy whiskies, smoky bourbons, and flavored rums […]

One Would Think Concealed Carry Is Self-Explanatory?

Concealed carry is an almost self-explanatory term. The whole entire idea is to carry your pistol “concealed” so to not attract attention (and the problems that attention will bring to you and those around you) and also to allow you to have a tactical advantage better known as a surprise if, God forbid, you find […]